Month: August 2015

[Choujikuu Yousai Kachuusha (Denki Shougun)] Strong Girls


This was brought to my attention about a week ago. Being a Transformers fan and given my blog and tranaslator name I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to translate it. That and it gave me a nice chuckle. Props to mrwayne for the beautiful redraws, this wouldn’t have happened without him.



[Serubitchi Suisan (Uo Denim)] T.K.O!!


Yay, Uo Denim! I really like this artist, and I like him a little more each time I read something new from him. This time he drew Takao performing her new duties as an Admiral’s secretary ship, and what interesting duties they were.

Commissioned by: CellTF

E-Hentai | MEGA

[Distance] Motenai Girls Ch.1


Deja vu? Yes, this chapter was translated some years ago. It was recently re-released in a new magazine in full color with less censorship since Distance is finally continuing this story. This project was started by mrwayne of Casawayne and I eventually ended up offering to do a re-translation. New version, new edit, may as well have a new translation as well.