Month: October 2015

[atahuta] Hansel and Gretel (Girls for M vol.8)


Finally. This thing’s been on the back burner since volume 8 came out, and then some unfortunate things occurred which set this back again, but at long last, it’s finally finished, and I can finally release this thing. What we have here is a revised tale of Hansel and Gretel, who, wandering the woods together, come across a house of candy, owned by a certain witch. What’s in store for them? Well, it’d be no fun if I spoiled it now, would it?

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[Stealth Changing Line] Introducing my monster girlfriend! Compilation -Part 2-


I didn’t even know worm-girls were a thing. Maybe you’re making a new discovery yourself, or maybe your hand is shooting into your pants because this is your favorite fetish. In any case, this is a story from a compilation about a man who loves his worm-girl very much.

Commissioned by: Anonymous, edited by Casawayne.

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[Trump] Imperfect Item 6 (Book of the Beast 19) (English) =The Lost Light=


Here’s a short work by Trump, part 6 of a series called “Imperfect Item”. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the series, but it’s pretty clear that in this society beast people are second-class citizens. Many happen to be sold in a speciality shop, but all items in said shop have some sort of flaw somewhere. But flaws can be appealing sometimes, can they not?

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Commissioned by: Elberik