Month: December 2015

[Satou Souji] Highschool Sexual Puberty Report H+H

01I’ve never seen Highschool DxD, so I know nothing about it other than the fact that all the women in it are blazing. The art in this one is really nice, and the women looked great.

As a side note, this, I believe, is my 100th release, counting everything I’ve ever translated that has been released. It’s nothing compared to some other translators, but hey, it’s a milestone for me.

Commissioned by: CellTF
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[Agata] Not Weaning


Here’s a story about a mother and her son’s daily routine. That woman was quite lovely. As always, an Agata day is a good day.

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[Chocopahe] Mom’s Christmas Eve Lesson


Merry Christmas. I actually translated this for Christmas 2014. As you can see, it missed the deadline. Well, it’s here now, and you can enjoy a story about a lonely guy fucking his mother on Christmas Eve. Hmm. A Christmas Eve story? Should have released this yesterday now that I think about it. Oh well, it’s now or Christmas Eve 2016.

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[Fukuyama Naoto] Let’s Warm Up Together

01Finally. I feared we’d never get this released. Long story short, it was stuck in editing hell forever. But it’s done now, you get to enjoy it. So, enjoy some great art and sloppy sex.

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[Shinozuka Yuuji] One Time Gal (Complete)


Hey, remember this? Wayne and I released the first part months ago. Well the second chapter, and the bonus story from the tank are finally done. I really can’t pick a favorite chapter. She looked great as a gyaru in a gangbang, but her more MILFy look in the second chapter and the sweeter sex (at the end, anyway) was fantastic as well. And though the third part was short, it was also nice. Basically, the whole damn story was lovely and I’m glad I worked on it and I’m glad Wayne edited it.

E-Hentai | MEGA (ch.2-3)

MEGA ( ch.1-3)

[Kuroiwa Madoka] TEARS Sister

001Here’s a nice Kuroiwa Madoka story. Okay, maybe not nice, the guy’s a bit of a dick really. Look at those teeth though, he’s probably part shark. Sharks aren’t known for their compassion, are they? Well, it’s a fun read any. The art’s nice, the girl’s cute, and she has some stonking great tits.

Commissioned by ChrisZ through PSYN

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[Kouda Tomohiro] My Neighbour Y-san 4th Period


I’ve never seen the anime this was based on, but Inkblot of Forever Summer asked me to translate it, so what the hey. It was a nice, if short, read. And… that’s about it really. It’s a short, pleasant vanilla hentai, and that’s exactly what it was aiming to be, or so I imagine.

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[R-Gen] My Private Teacher


Haven’t translated an R-Gen story in awhile, not since I started translating. Well as you can see, this story is all about a busty gyaru, a busty gyaru who’s been asked tutor a young man who’s failing in school. You can bet she’ll teach him a thing or two while she’s there.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Meme50] Lust Alert ~New Strain Rampage!~

P049Part 5, and what a great chapter it is, a mother and daughter duo. Mother/daughter is always a fun combination, and while both girls are great, honestly the mother is the one that had my full attention.

Well, we’re all caught up with this series. Only one chapter remains and I’m still waiting on the scans for that one. Shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to become available.

No more download links for this or any other Wani stuff unfortunately, Wani complained. Sorry about that. Knew it was going to happen eventually. I didn’t plan on translating anymore Wani material after the last chapter of this Meme50 series anyway because there’s less reason to now that Fakku is translating two magazines and will pick up the others in the future. If this annoys anyone who visits my blog, I’m sorry, but like I said, I was going to stop after the next chapter anyway.

Still have no intention of abandoning non-Wani material though, so The Lost Light’s still on course.


[Meme50] Lust Alert ~New Strain Outbreak~


And another entry in Meme50’s Lust Alert series. I really liked the girl in this one. Her hair, her personality, her ass… All were great. Much as I liked her, I’d like to see the dark-haired one get some action too sometime, though that will probably never be. Oh well, the next part (the fifth, since Wayne and I worked on the  fourth first, which was a fortuitous mistake as it was a prequel) has some great girls too.

No more download links for this or any other Wani stuff, unfortunately. Sorry about that.