Month: January 2016

[Uo Denim] ATG


More Uo Denim drawn ship fucking. It’s a treat as usual. Not enough Atago ass for me, but she’s fun to look at anyway, and the whole doujin is overall great.

Oh by the way, due to my indecision to transliterate Atago’s Pan-Paka-Paan (because Kancolle fans are used to it and it’s a characteristic thing) or translate it as “Ta-dah!” (which is what I lean toward, being a translator who translates things), two versions are offered. If you’d prefer the “Ta-dah!”, grab it here.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Gabyonuno] Mitsudomori (Partial)


I’ve never watched or read Mitsudomoe, but translating this kinda made me want to. I’ve quickly come to like Hitoha. The art’s great, it’s a nice mix of sexy and cute. I only translated the first and last stories, both of which Hitoha stars in, because that’s all I was asked to do.

Commissioned by: Anonymous

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[Meme50] Fallen Princess Heles


Hey, some more Meme50, how about that? Never thought I’d translate a Meme50 doujin. I only translated the first part though, the Granblue part. Dark Mac of LWB translated the other half, and mrwayne edited it all.

There’s actually not much to say. The Granblue part is the only bit with any semblance of a story and was pretty nice, starring a prostitute princess. If the idea of a man fucking another man who’s dressed as Tenryuu sounds fun to you, then you’ll enjoy the following part as well.

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[Sumiya] Notice Me (Sayonara Fairies ch.5)


The first four chapters of Sayonara Fairies were translated by QBtranslations some time ago, but they seem to have vanished. So, I translated the remaining chapters. Wayne has re-edited the first four chapters, which can be found on his blog, and will be finishing up the series.

Anyway, the chapter. This one is about a girl who’s infatuated with an older guy, and is desperate to be noticed by him. She’ll do whatever it takes to get his attention, even if it means having sex with his little brother in an attempt to become an adult quicker.

Commissioned by Job Truniht

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[Aoi Kumiko] PaPiPon!

sc000I’ve yet to watch or read Monster Musume, but man I’ve liked Papi since she first showed up in the manga. It’s nice to finally translate a doujin starring her. So here you go, a doujin about Kimihito helping Papi lay eggs.

Also, I saw Papi’s mother earlier. God, I hope she shows up in some good doujins eventually.

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