Month: February 2016

[Tonnosuke] The Lady Next Door ch.1


Had this on the back burner for a long time. This is a nice simple story about a man and his sweet looking neighbor. Just look at her, can this story contain anything more than love-filled, sickly sweet vanilla sex?

The other three chapters in this series as well as a follow up to another story by the same artist will follow in the future.

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[Sumiya] Sayonara Fairies chapter 10 + Encore 2


And now, it’s complete. Enjoy a chapter starring a man and his loli wife, followed by another short encore of Lisa and her sensei again and their night after the movies.

I only translated a few chapters of this tank (the rest was done by QB Translations and Blurk, and the whole thing was re-edited by mrwayne), but I’ll include a full tank link for those that may want it.

Commissioned by: Job Truniht and stelok

Chapter 10 and Encore 2
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[Sumiya] Sayonara Fairies Encore Lesson #1


This is a really short (as in, six pages) little extra to the main story of Sayonara Fairies. No sex, just a little conversation between Lisa and her sensei after they’ve met up again after the end of the main story.

Commissioned by: Job Truniht

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[Chiba Toshirou] Re: Incarnation ch.1-2


This is an interesting series. A post apocalyptic sci-fi story written and drawn by Chiba Toshirou. The world lies in ruin, most men are gone, and all that remains in the Lower World are beautiful women and ugly orcs. Though artificial men do descend from the Upper World from time to time, tasked with searching the past and providing for the future.

Commissioned by: hentai2read/Hentaihere

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