Month: June 2016

[Article 60 of Criminal Code, HF (Shuhan)] LEVEL:5


It’s been awhile since I’ve done any fan-translations of DQ porn. This one was really nice. Great artwork, really nice colors, the Hero was lovely. Also, I really dig that glow in the dark bikini.

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[Beat-POP] (Miray Ozaki) Secret 5


Been awhile since I’ve read anything from this series. All I remember from previous entries is Ai having sex with everyone who looked her in the eye, and that continues in this entry.

Commissioned by: stelok

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[Kurokawa Otogi] Secret Temptation (Insincere Serenity Ch.4)


Another Kurokawa Otogi chapter, another pair of girls, one with dark hair, one with blonde, both with considerable busts, this time dressed up in slutty waitress outfits. Kurokawa Otogi girls kinda look like the same two girls starring in multiple pornos, but eh, with those monstrous mammaries, I’m not sure there are many who’d care.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[2D Market] Miocchi Maid by Ashitakara Ganbaru


More Ashitakara Ganbaru available at 2D Market. This one all about Mio being a slutty, submissive maid.

[2D Market] Two Triangle releases


Couple of nice full color works, both featuring dominant females as you can no doubt tell by the covers, are available on 2D Market now. Gotta love domineering older sisters and cute rapists.

[2D-Market] Victim Girls 7, by Fatalpulse


Man, I love Asanagi’s art. The style is great and the women always look great. I haven’t actually read much from the Victim Girls series, but I liked this one. Normally I’m not much for stories where women eventually come to think that their highest priority in life is to be a man’s plaything, but the way Asanagi writes it is always humorous for some reason, so this was pretty enjoyable.

Anyway, if you want some uncensored English Fatalpulse hentai and want to support getting more of his works officially available in English, head over to 2D-Market.

[Kurokawa Otogi] First Strike Lovers Part 2 (Insincere Serenity Ch.3)


And here’s the second (and seemingly final) part of First Strike lovers. In case you missed it, I translated the first part recently. Not much to say. More big boobs, more sex, more competing over one guy by doing lewd things.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Distance] Girls Lacrosse Club 2 Years Later Ch.0


And so it begins once again. Distance has started a sequel to his Girls Lacrosse Club series (because fuck Motenai Girls, apparently). It’s great, which is pretty usual of Distance works. And starting out a new series with MILF sex is not a bad way to start at all.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[2D-Market] Night Service Story, by Kabayakiya


I don’t know anything about Utawarerumono: False Faces, but I liked those twins. More good stuff from 2D-Market.

[Agata] Dick Training Quest


More Agata, yay. More Dragon Quest references, yay. Seriously, there’s Dragon Quest references in absolutely every piece of Japanese entertainment. Well anyway, enjoy a shota hero and his three busty companions as they set off to rescue the princess from the Dark Lord and fuck every woman that gets in the way.

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