Month: July 2016

[Article 60 of Criminal Code (Shuhan)] LEVEL:3. (Dragon Quest III)


>work on Level 5 first
>work on Level 3 second

This triggers the OCD

It sure does, mrwayne. So, yeah, I didn’t realize that this existed when I translated LEVEL 5. Should have looked it up, but I just saw it and went “Hey, short DQ doujin, and damn it looks nice. I’ll translate it.” Well, LEVEL 3 is done now, so there you go. More tomboy Hero getting railed by a ridiculously manly man.

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[pyon-kti] Anything for You


Here’s a short, full-color pyon-kti work, involving a couple people in a hot spring. Pretty nice work, and the color makes it even better.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Spiritus Tarou] Together With You


This girl is just too damn cute. Spiritus Tarou is great at drawing cute girls. Enjoy a tale about a guy nailing his cute neighbor who’s a bit helpless when it comes to life.

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[Kurokawa Otogi] Vector of Two Wings (Insincere Serenity Ch.6)


Chapter 6 of Insincere Serenity, starring a sister who loves a boy very much, and a sister who loves her sister very much. Fun times are had by all.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Amane Ruri] Pool of Amour


Here’s a short, full color Amane Ruri work. The second I’ve translated, but I’m still waiting for the other one to be edited.

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[Kurokawa Otogi] Queen of the Night’s Chaotic Blooming (Insincere Serenity ch.5)


Another chapter of this tank, this one all about a popular girl and her childhood friend whom she has mutual masturbation sessions with. She always makes him wear a blindfold during their sessions though. Why could that be?

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Agata] Penis Training


Another four pager. This time it’s from Agata’s Ane x Pako² tank, and it’s an addition to a story from his Mama x Pako/Mommy Fucking tank.

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[Shindou] Deployment Duty Girl


Never translated a Shindou story before, but I like what I’ve read in the past. Here’s a four page color story about an interesting system which temporarily hooks virgins up with women so that they can lose their virginity.

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