Month: December 2016

[Ozy] Big Sis Lamia’s Lesson

Man, lamias are great. And here we have sweet lamia /ss/. This was pretty nice all around.

Exhentai | MEGA

[Shinozuka Yuuji] Mrs. Yukino’s Sex Education

Nice to see Shinozuka Yuuji back. The tone is quite a bit different from his last work, being considerably more lighthearted. This one’s just about a teacher who likes to fuck her students and provide them with motivation.

E-hentai | MEGA

Commissioned and edited by: Cabirtman

[Ozy] Obscene Seductions from the Slutty Black Married Gyaru Next Door


This one was good. Doesn’t take long to get to the point and from there on it’s just sex with a sexy, sweaty, slutty black gyaru.There’s really not more that needs to be said, so have fun.

E-hentai | MEGA