Month: January 2017

[Pochi-Goya. (Pochi.)] An Elder Sister 4

If you aren’t familiar with this series, I highly recommend that you check it out. I translated this one and will also be translating 4.5 because Facedesk has unfortunately closed up shop. I’m sorry to see Facedesk end, but this is a great series, so though the circumstances are not what I’d choose, it’s nice to work on it. This chapter is great as usual, and shows a more aggressive side of Chiyo than usual.

Commissioned by: CellTF

Exhentai | MEGA

[Michiking] The Desire For The Older Sister Experience

Yet another entry in Michiking’s Older Sister Experience series, and yet another very short full color one.

Exhentai | MEGA

[Shimapan (Tachibana Omina)] P5 Harem

Persona 5 is fun for the most part, and stylish as fuck to boot. Amazing how much better actual dungeon design can make a game. I’m not into the waifu elements honestly, but the waifu cast is top tier, which makes for great porn, which I am into. So here we have a pretty simple harem doujin by an artist whose strong point is harem hentai. Enjoy.

E-hentai | MEGA

[Ozy] My Tutor Makes Me Cum Too Much!

Lot of Ozy lately, huh? This one features a tutor with her unique method of helping students study.

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