Month: July 2017

[Gate of XIII (Kloah13)] Tales of Breastia (Tales of Berseria)

Title says it all. A Berseria doujin by Kloah, so expect more of the giant tits you see on the cover inside. Collab with Red Lantern.

Exhentai | MEGA

[Tonnosuke] The Lady Next Door Ch.2

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get this out. All of the chapters have been translated for a long, long time, but getting an editor was tricky. Fortunately, Lied of LWB helped me out. Thanks Lied.

Anyway, read the first chapter to refresh your memory, and then read this one to see Toujou continuing to be a dirty girl.

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[Amane Ruri] The Bunny Girl Trap

Here’s a short story about a guy fucking a bunny girl. Not a trap, as the title may lead you to believe. It’s short, but nice.

Commissioned by: CellTF
E-hentai | MEGA