Month: October 2017

[Kirisaki Byakko] Echidna Killing Time

And another lamia story, this time with incest. Also, that first page is such a damn tease.

Commissioned by: Anonymouse

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[Uchi no Chuutai (Niwatori Gunsou)] Self-Righteous Besiegement

How about a yandere lamia? Sound good? I hope so, because that’s what this is. A man gets spooked by a lamia’s yandereness and decides to get the hell out of his home town. Of course, getting away from her can’t be that easy now, can it?

Commissioned by: Anonymous

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[Mochimochi Carnevale (Ikezaki Misa)] Atago’s First Time

Here’s an old Ikezaki Misa doujin, starring Atago, who is definitely not a slut.

Commissioned by: CellTF
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[Nekokaburi (Kuro no Miki)] Granboobs Fantasy – Magisa Book

Here’s a book about a thick witch from Granblue. Magisa helps the captain of her crew deal with constantly being horny due to a poison he is afflicted with. It’s quite a read. Enjoy

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Spiritus Tarou] Wonder Collar

Another Spiritus Tarou? So soon? I didn’t expect it either, but it’s typical Tarou, which is a good thing.

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