[ShindoL] Bestiary III - 001 (x3200) [FAKKU!]

Well, this is a project I’ve been working on with PSYN for quite some time. Now, it’s finally time to release it. Bestiary III, by ShindoL/Da Hootch, is now available for purchase on FAKKU, and given as a perk for supporters of ShindoL’s Patreon.

This is a rather large book at over 80 pages, all in full color and completely uncensored. It was put together by 18 different artists, including the likes of ShindoL (of course), Z-Ton, Hanauna, Denki Shogun, Igumox, Sian, and quite a few others. In this work you’ll find a short story from each author detailing the encounters of beautiful women and hideous fairy-tale creatures, and the things that happen to pretty young girls that run into said hideous fairy-tale creatures. As you can surmise from the cover and the description, it’s a rather dark book. If dark and disgusting is your thing, this one’s for you.

This project we have worked on at the behest of ShindoL. It’s an experiment for everyone involved, including ShindoL. Right now, only a digital version is available, but if it does well enough, a physical version will also come into existence. A physical edition would be pretty rad, I think.

Enough with the advertising. I didn’t actually translate the bulk of this book, I mostly handled SFX, moans, and some miscellaneous stuff here and there. That wasn’t the end of my involvement, I was also one of the many QCers, but that’s as far as my direct translation related involvement extended. We put in a fair amount work on this, and we’re quite happy with the result. If you are too, maybe consider supporting the artists by buying it.