Commission Info

Hey, Axalon here. I can provide translation services for manga and doujinshi, both pornographic and non-pornographic. Previously I offered editing services too, but not anymore. I can recommend some editors though, if you like. I often work with Wayne; he’s a pretty good editor.

If you’d like to commission something, send me an email at and link me to the work you’re interested in commissioning. I’ll look it over and tell you what it’ll cost. An average page will cost about $1.10 for the translation. Prices really depend on the amount of work though. A page with a scant about of text will have a lower price, a large amount or particularly complex text will result in higher prices. I’ll start as soon as I can once I’ve been paid.

If you have any special requests, such as nixing honorifics, let me know in your email.

Once I’m done, I can send you the script or send it to an editor if you’ve got one picked out.

I can tolerate most content, but scat, guro, yaoi, vore, and bestiality are things I will not work on.