P049Part 5, and what a great chapter it is, a mother and daughter duo. Mother/daughter is always a fun combination, and while both girls are great, honestly the mother is the one that had my full attention.

Well, we’re all caught up with this series. Only one chapter remains and I’m still waiting on the scans for that one. Shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to become available.

No more download links for this or any other Wani stuff unfortunately, Wani complained. Sorry about that. Knew it was going to happen eventually. I didn’t plan on translating anymore Wani material after the last chapter of this Meme50 series anyway because there’s less reason to now that Fakku is translating two magazines and will pick up the others in the future. If this annoys anyone who visits my blog, I’m sorry, but like I said, I was going to stop after the next chapter anyway.

Still have no intention of abandoning non-Wani material though, so The Lost Light’s still on course.