[BANG-YOU!] Rape Coaching Future!


Here’s another BANG-YOU. A young athlete is picked up for her abilities and entered into a special training program, but the training regimen isn’t quite what she expected.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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More BANG-YOU, this time starring the female Warrior from Dragon Quest III. While not the first one I played, DQ III got me into the series, and I’ve always liked the design of the female Warrior. That topped of with BANG-YOU’s art makes this a real nice little doujin. So get prepared to see DQ III’s female Warrior act like a complete slut and hunt virgin heroes.

I didn’t translate the guest pages, so they’re not included in here.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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[BANG-YOU] Parallel Universe Natsuki


Here’s a doujin that is apparently a mash up of Idolmaster and Rage of Bahamut. There’s not too much to say about it. An elf gets raped, which is par for the course, though not by the usual humans or orcs, but by crocodile men. So enjoy some croc on elf rape.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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