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[Distance] Girls Lacrosse Club! ~2 Years Later~ Ch.2

Yeah, it’s been a while since the last release of this series from us. We decided months ago to just wait for tank scans, which turned out to be a good thing since some of the chapters have additional pages. Chapter 0 and 1 will be re-edited with the tank scans too, but that’ll be after the rest of the tank is finished. Anyway, if you haven’t already read this chapter, enjoy seeing Koutarou fuck a pair of sisters with a height disparity.

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[Distance] Girls Lacrosse Club 2 Years Later Ch.1


Chapter 1, but not the first chapter of this new series. Here we have 40 pages of Distance goodness, this time featuring the dark-skinned beauty Sakura. Seriously, what a knock-out.

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[Distance] Girls Lacrosse Club 2 Years Later Ch.0


And so it begins once again. Distance has started a sequel to his Girls Lacrosse Club series (because fuck Motenai Girls, apparently). It’s great, which is pretty usual of Distance works. And starting out a new series with MILF sex is not a bad way to start at all.

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[Distance] Motenai Girls ch.2


And here’s chapter 2 of the re-release of Motenai Girls. Kumiko gathers the girls to come up with a strategy to get Kotarou evicted from the apartments. Ayako takes the role upon herself to dig up some dirt on the new manger, find weak points, and… you know what’s really going to happen.

So this is where the series met a premature end some years ago. The brand new part 3 should be on it’s way, likely in the fifth volume of Comic Ananga Ranga.

Pink hair is best hair, by the way.

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[Distance] Motenai Girls Ch.1


Deja vu? Yes, this chapter was translated some years ago. It was recently re-released in a new magazine in full color with less censorship since Distance is finally continuing this story. This project was started by mrwayne of Casawayne and I eventually ended up offering to do a re-translation. New version, new edit, may as well have a new translation as well.