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[Arearee (are)] Doing You-Know-What With Martina

Dragon Quest XI was a lot of fun. Been looking forward to working on a doujin based on it, and there’s certainly been no shortage, especially if you like Martina. And here we have a book about a shotafied MC (because are really digs /ss/) doing you-know-what with Martina.

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[Mitarashi Club (MItarashi Kousei)] Bianca’s Book

More Dragon Quest. More importantly, more Dragon Quest drawn by Mitarashi Kousei. This one’s just a simple tale of the Hero plowing his wife after he finally found her and rescued her from her stone shell.

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[Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kousei)] You’re My Hero (Update)

Some of you may remember this. I translated this two years ago with mrwayne under the Team Vanilla banner. Now it’s received a bit of an update. I’ve updated the translation and Belldandy100 has re-edited and decensored it, so big thanks to him for that. This has always been one of my favorite projects, so I was happy to do this. Hope you enjoy it.

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[Arearee] Manya And Minea Doing You-Know-What Book


Been quite awhile since I’ve done a Minea and Manya book. They’re still my favorite Dragon Quest girls, and boy do they look great in this one. So here you go, enjoy a short tale about the Monbarbara sisters fucking a shota together.

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More BANG-YOU, this time starring the female Warrior from Dragon Quest III. While not the first one I played, DQ III got me into the series, and I’ve always liked the design of the female Warrior. That topped of with BANG-YOU’s art makes this a real nice little doujin. So get prepared to see DQ III’s female Warrior act like a complete slut and hunt virgin heroes.

I didn’t translate the guest pages, so they’re not included in here.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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[LoveRevo (Waguchi Shouka)] Love Love Honey Bee (Dragon Quest V)


Well that took awhile. I meant to translate this last November, but got distracted with many other things. Well anyway, it’s done now. Japanese tenses can be such a pain in the ass sometimes since they’re much more flexible than they are in English, so I had to make some changes for the sake of consistency and English rules. I did what I could to preserve things as best I could, so hopefully it turned out alright in the end.

Anyway, here’s a Dragon Quest V doujin featuring the always domineering Debora and her husband.

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[Article 60 of Criminal Code (Shuhan)] LEVEL:3. (Dragon Quest III)


>work on Level 5 first
>work on Level 3 second

This triggers the OCD

It sure does, mrwayne. So, yeah, I didn’t realize that this existed when I translated LEVEL 5. Should have looked it up, but I just saw it and went “Hey, short DQ doujin, and damn it looks nice. I’ll translate it.” Well, LEVEL 3 is done now, so there you go. More tomboy Hero getting railed by a ridiculously manly man.

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[Article 60 of Criminal Code, HF (Shuhan)] LEVEL:5


It’s been awhile since I’ve done any fan-translations of DQ porn. This one was really nice. Great artwork, really nice colors, the Hero was lovely. Also, I really dig that glow in the dark bikini.

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[Yoshimura Tatsumaki] …and the day broke


Been wanting to translate another Dragon Quest doujin since I finished DQ V months ago. And we we are, a DQ V doujin starring Debora. Unfortunately I haven’t yet played the DS version, only the PS2 so far, so I don’t know as much about her as I’d like. Anyway, this is just a vanilla HeroxDebora doujin with some nice art.

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[Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kousei)] You’re My Hero


Here’s a Dragon Quest IV doujin. Great timing, I found it just as I was finishing my first playthrough of the game. Minea and Manya were definitely two of my favorite characters, so I found this one quite enjoyable.

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