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[Fukumaaya] My Sister’s Other Side

Here’s some Fukumaaya. This is a story about a good brother who drops by his thick, bespectacled sister’s every week to clean up her place, cook her dinner, and and maybe give her a good dicking.

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[Kirisaki Byakko] Echidna Killing Time

And another lamia story, this time with incest. Also, that first page is such a damn tease.

Commissioned by: Anonymouse

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[Tsuruta Bungaku] Cute Sister

I’ve always liked Tsuruta Bungaku, and now I’m working on finishing up his Hanahira Torori tank that QBTranslations started over three years ago. I’m starting with chapter 7 (and the two comics on the front and back covers of the book), which is all about a boy trying to get to the bottom of his sudden sexual dreams involving his sister.

Commissioned by: Job Truniht

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[Michiking] The Desire For The Older Sister Experience

Yet another entry in Michiking’s Older Sister Experience series, and yet another very short full color one.

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[Agata] Steamy Bathhouse (Ane x Pako²)


An Agata day is a good day. In this story, a girl takes her younger brother to a bathhouse after he broke their tub at home, and makes him come with her to the girl’s bath. Surely nothing eventful will happen.

Commissioned by: Anonymous

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[Michiking] Years of the Older Sister Experience


I just realized that I’d never translated any Michiking, so, I translated some Michiking. Just a short story about a boy and his experiences with his older sister.

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[Chocopahe] Mom’s Christmas Eve Lesson


Merry Christmas. I actually translated this for Christmas 2014. As you can see, it missed the deadline. Well, it’s here now, and you can enjoy a story about a lonely guy fucking his mother on Christmas Eve. Hmm. A Christmas Eve story? Should have released this yesterday now that I think about it. Oh well, it’s now or Christmas Eve 2016.

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[Distance] Motenai Girls Ch.1


Deja vu? Yes, this chapter was translated some years ago. It was recently re-released in a new magazine in full color with less censorship since Distance is finally continuing this story. This project was started by mrwayne of Casawayne and I eventually ended up offering to do a re-translation. New version, new edit, may as well have a new translation as well.



[Agata] My Lazy Sister


Love me some Agata. Hope you like /ss/ and Onee-chans.



[Sowitchraw] Hikikomogomo (COMIC Anthurium 017 2014-09)


And here’s the debut of a new artist. This particular work features a yandereish sister and her little brother. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Sowitchraw will be putting out.