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[Mochimochi Carnevale (Ikezaki Misa)] Atago’s First Time

Here’s an old Ikezaki Misa doujin, starring Atago, who is definitely not a slut.

Commissioned by: CellTF
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[Majikayo (Maji)] As Hamakaze Desires


Yet another shipgirl I didn’t know about, but she’s damn cute, at least the way Maji draws her. Cute girl, nice art, an uncomplicated tale of a shipgirl having sex with her admiral… I rather enjoyed this one, and hopefully you will too.

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[Crazy9 (Ichitaka)] C9-26 American Girl


And another C90 doujin, this time a Crazy9 featuring Iowa. It’s a nice full color work, and Crazy9’s English typesetting (in most cases) was surprisingly good. It’s a pretty nice, short doujin overall.

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[Uo Denim] ATG


More Uo Denim drawn ship fucking. It’s a treat as usual. Not enough Atago ass for me, but she’s fun to look at anyway, and the whole doujin is overall great.

Oh by the way, due to my indecision to transliterate Atago’s Pan-Paka-Paan (because Kancolle fans are used to it and it’s a characteristic thing) or translate it as “Ta-dah!” (which is what I lean toward, being a translator who translates things), two versions are offered. If you’d prefer the “Ta-dah!”, grab it here.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Meme50] Fallen Princess Heles


Hey, some more Meme50, how about that? Never thought I’d translate a Meme50 doujin. I only translated the first part though, the Granblue part. Dark Mac of LWB translated the other half, and mrwayne edited it all.

There’s actually not much to say. The Granblue part is the only bit with any semblance of a story and was pretty nice, starring a prostitute princess. If the idea of a man fucking another man who’s dressed as Tenryuu sounds fun to you, then you’ll enjoy the following part as well.

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(C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Kaga-san Nuretemasu? (Are you getting wet, Kaga?) (Kantai Collection)


After having Kaga judge which battleship is better for night warfare, the Admiral calls her to his room and attempts to penetrate her icy exterior (among other things).