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[Anmitsuyomogitei (Michiking)] Reimu’s Good At Warming People Up (Touhou Project)

Michiking really likes Touhou, huh? Touhou and shota. And that’s just what this book contains: Reimu trying to save a shota’s life by ensuring his body temperature is at a proper level.
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[Anmitsuyomogitei (Michiking)] Teasing Master Alice!

Michiking’s specialty is clearly /ss/, and this doujin is just more proof of that. Enjoy seeing Alice dress up a shota as a girl and tease him constantly.

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[Michiking] The Desire For The Older Sister Experience

Yet another entry in Michiking’s Older Sister Experience series, and yet another very short full color one.

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[Anmitsuyomogitei (Michiking)] You’re Totally Drunk, Aren’t You, Aya!


Finally got to translate something of Michiking’s that lasted more than a few pages. This one is a tale of a shy shota who has the hots for Aya, but can’t bring himself to say anything. As usual, liquor solves everything.

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[Michiking] Years of the Older Sister Experience


I just realized that I’d never translated any Michiking, so, I translated some Michiking. Just a short story about a boy and his experiences with his older sister.

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