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[Agata] Penis Training


Another four pager. This time it’s from Agata’s Ane x Pako² tank, and it’s an addition to a story from his Mama x Pako/Mommy Fucking tank.

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(Tatsunami Youtoku)] Visits from Mom


One more story starring a thick MILF that happens to be a mother for mother’s day. This guy’s MILFs are always fantastic.

Just have to mention the title. The Japanese title was actually pretty good, but I couldn’t think of a good way to translate it. It was Kayoizumama. Kayoi is a word used to refer to visiting a place frequently, and zuma is “wife”. Kayoizuma is a word that refers to a wife who does not live with her husband but visits him frequently. The Japanese title just made made it kayoizumama, which gave it the double meaning of a wife who frequently visits her husband and a mother who frequently visits her son. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of any way to retain the double meaning, thus, “Visits from Mom”.

Enough about that though, grab your dick and click for porn.

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[Agata] MamaxPako (Mommy Fucking) chapters 8 and 9 + tank extras


Apparently no one translated the last two chapters of Agata’s MamaxPako tank, so here you go, the last two chapters and all of the bonus pages from the tank. Gotta love Agata. That last chapter is great, it was fun to see all the main characters from the tank (except the three from chapter 8, the odd ones out for not being mothers and sons) all together for fun times.

And happy Mother’s day! Be sure your mother knows how much you love her.

Commissioned by: Anonymous

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[Agata] Not Weaning


Here’s a story about a mother and her son’s daily routine. That woman was quite lovely. As always, an Agata day is a good day.

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[Chocopahe] Mom’s Christmas Eve Lesson


Merry Christmas. I actually translated this for Christmas 2014. As you can see, it missed the deadline. Well, it’s here now, and you can enjoy a story about a lonely guy fucking his mother on Christmas Eve. Hmm. A Christmas Eve story? Should have released this yesterday now that I think about it. Oh well, it’s now or Christmas Eve 2016.

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