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[atahuta] Hansel and Gretel (Girls for M vol.8)


Finally. This thing’s been on the back burner since volume 8 came out, and then some unfortunate things occurred which set this back again, but at long last, it’s finally finished, and I can finally release this thing. What we have here is a revised tale of Hansel and Gretel, who, wandering the woods together, come across a house of candy, owned by a certain witch. What’s in store for them? Well, it’d be no fun if I spoiled it now, would it?

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[Usubeni Sakurako] A Whimsical Demon and a Timid Boy Ch. 1-2


In this story a boy laments the fact that he likely won’t be able to confess to his crush when a buxom succubus appears to show him the wonderful world of femdom. The third and final chapter is on the way.



[R-gen] Midnight Guidance Lesson (Shasei Kanri Maniacs Vol.1)


Greetings and welcome to the Lost Light. This is one of the locations that I’ll be posting the material that I translate. I’m starting off with my first translation, a work by R-gen. Teacher finds a student fapping in a classroom at night and gives him some “guidance”.