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[Ozy] TS Revenge

Is there a man in your life that you hate? Have you ever wanted to force him to drink an experimental drug that instantly turns him into a buxom girl, and then rape him with your mates? Alas, such things are not possible, but hey, at least you can read about them.

E-hentai | MEGA

[Ozy] My Tutor Makes Me Cum Too Much!

Lot of Ozy lately, huh? This one features a tutor with her unique method of helping students study.

Exhentai | MEGA

[Ozy] Big Sis Lamia’s Lesson

Man, lamias are great. And here we have sweet lamia /ss/. This was pretty nice all around.

Exhentai | MEGA

[Ozy] Obscene Seductions from the Slutty Black Married Gyaru Next Door


This one was good. Doesn’t take long to get to the point and from there on it’s just sex with a sexy, sweaty, slutty black gyaru.There’s really not more that needs to be said, so have fun.

E-hentai | MEGA

[Ozy] Decadent Widow ~Secret Garden~


In this story, a woman marries a man who runs a flower arrangement school. Unfortunately, he doesn’t survive past the first page and debt collector’s quickly come calling. Her only recourse to prevent the selling of her house is selling her body.