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[1787 (Macaroni and Cheese)] Beautiful MILF Mishiro~Raped by Her Younger Subordinate

It’s been a while since I’ve translated any Macaroni and Cheese stuff. Nearly three years and two months. Well here’s some more Mac & Cheese. Pretty different from the stuff I’m familiar with. But if you like the thought of a Mishiro rape doujin, then hey, take a look at this one, it may strike your fancy.

Commssioned by: anon

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[Ozy] TS Revenge

Is there a man in your life that you hate? Have you ever wanted to force him to drink an experimental drug that instantly turns him into a buxom girl, and then rape him with your mates? Alas, such things are not possible, but hey, at least you can read about them.

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[Chiba Toshirou] Re: Incarnation (chapters 11-12 + full tank)

Finally. This took way, way too long to get finished. It’s finally done now though. Both storylines are finally wrapped up. Some parts of chapter 1, 5, 6, 9, and 10 have been updated. Mostly just a character’s name, which wasn’t revealed until the final chapter. I’m not updating my old posts, but the full tank link in this post links to the full tank with up to date versions of those chapters.

Commissioned by: HentaiHere.com/Hentai2read.com

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[BANG-YOU!] Rape Coaching Future!


Here’s another BANG-YOU. A young athlete is picked up for her abilities and entered into a special training program, but the training regimen isn’t quite what she expected.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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[BANG-YOU] Parallel Universe Natsuki


Here’s a doujin that is apparently a mash up of Idolmaster and Rage of Bahamut. There’s not too much to say about it. An elf gets raped, which is par for the course, though not by the usual humans or orcs, but by crocodile men. So enjoy some croc on elf rape.

Commissioned and edited by: tracesnull

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[Yuuki Ray] Black Gyaru Mom’s Suffering


This is my favorite Yuuki Ray girl. A dark skinned, slutty gyaru MILF. She’s just blazing. Also, this one kinda reminded me of A Mother’s Love. Seems like it’d be a nice sequel.

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[Chiba Toshirou] Re:Incarnation Chapter 4

004_001And here’s where things get weird. We continue on where the last chapter left off, pressing forward into more gang rapes and exposition and… Well, you’ll see.

Commissioned by: hentai2read.com and hentaihere.com

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[Chiba Toshirou] Re: Incarnation Ch.3 [English] =TLL+SH=


Here we go, the third part of this strange series. Hope you’re ready for orcs.

Shout out to to Shoku who’s taken over editing of this series.

Commissioned by: hentai2read.com and hentaihere.com

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[Ginyou Haru] Gensokyo Pleasure Garden Conversion Plan #08


This is the hardest editing project I’ve worked on. Wouldn’t have gotten through it if not for Shoku giving me a big helping hand on the redraws. Hopefully it turned out decent in the end. This story features both Youmu rape and consensual sex with Youmu (and Yuyuko).

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Commissioned by: sageru

[Choujikuu Yousai Kachuusha (Denki Shougun)] Strong Girls


This was brought to my attention about a week ago. Being a Transformers fan and given my blog and tranaslator name I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to translate it. That and it gave me a nice chuckle. Props to mrwayne for the beautiful redraws, this wouldn’t have happened without him.