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[Pochi-Goya. (Pochi.)] An Elder Sister 6

And here’s the sixth entry in the pornographic side of this series. If you’ve been reading them up ’til now, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, go read the others, they’re great.

Commissioned by: CellTF

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[Fukumaaya] My Sister’s Other Side

Here’s some Fukumaaya. This is a story about a good brother who drops by his thick, bespectacled sister’s every week to clean up her place, cook her dinner, and and maybe give her a good dicking.

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[Kirisaki Byakko] Echidna Killing Time

And another lamia story, this time with incest. Also, that first page is such a damn tease.

Commissioned by: Anonymouse

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[Moon Night Kitten (Kouki Kuu)] Do You Like Big Sis’ Big Tits?

Why is that even a question? Not much to say, about this one. Just enjoy a story about a big-titted sister fucking her younger brother.

Commissioned by: CellTF
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[Tsuruta Bungaku] Cute Sister

I’ve always liked Tsuruta Bungaku, and now I’m working on finishing up his Hanahira Torori tank that QBTranslations started over three years ago. I’m starting with chapter 7 (and the two comics on the front and back covers of the book), which is all about a boy trying to get to the bottom of his sudden sexual dreams involving his sister.

Commissioned by: Job Truniht

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[Michiking] The Desire For The Older Sister Experience

Yet another entry in Michiking’s Older Sister Experience series, and yet another very short full color one.

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[Agata] MamaxPako (Mommy Fucking) chapters 8 and 9 + tank extras


Apparently no one translated the last two chapters of Agata’s MamaxPako tank, so here you go, the last two chapters and all of the bonus pages from the tank. Gotta love Agata. That last chapter is great, it was fun to see all the main characters from the tank (except the three from chapter 8, the odd ones out for not being mothers and sons) all together for fun times.

And happy Mother’s day! Be sure your mother knows how much you love her.

Commissioned by: Anonymous

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[Michiking] Years of the Older Sister Experience


I just realized that I’d never translated any Michiking, so, I translated some Michiking. Just a short story about a boy and his experiences with his older sister.

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[Sowitchraw] Hikikomogomo (COMIC Anthurium 017 2014-09)


And here’s the debut of a new artist. This particular work features a yandereish sister and her little brother. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Sowitchraw will be putting out.



[Cho-yaki] Big Sister’s Toy Store


Hope you like femdom because in this one an Onee-chan femdoms the shit out of her siblings.