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[Marneko] Her Smell + Her Smell Gets Stronger


Finally. I meant to translate this one 14 months ago, but I let it sit on the back-burner for way too long. Anyway, this is a story about a boy who loves a girl’s smell, and later finds out that she has smells he never expected her to have.

E-Hentai | MEGA

(C86) [1787 (Macaroni and Cheese)] The Tale of Patchouli’s Reverse Rape of a Young Boy (Touhou Project)


More Macaroni and Cheese. This time Patchouli finds one of Remi’s servants doing dirty things with her dirty laundry in her library. She agrees to keep quiet as long as she gets to have her way with him.



(Reitaisai 10) [1787 (Macaroni and Cheese)] Kazami Yuuka ga Shounen wo Gyaku Re Suru Hanashi (Touhou Project)


A young boy has fallen prey to Yuuka! What lies in store for him? (Hint: see tags)