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[Tonnosuke] The Lady Next Door Ch.3

Time for this year’s chapter of The Lady Next Door. In it, Toujou and Kudou decided to spice up their sex lives with the usage of a chastity belt on Toujou. Will she manage to not die from sex deprivation? Probably, because there’s one more chapter.

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[Tonnosuke] The Lady Next Door Ch.2

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get this out. All of the chapters have been translated for a long, long time, but getting an editor was tricky. Fortunately, Lied of LWB helped me out. Thanks Lied.

Anyway, read the first chapter to refresh your memory, and then read this one to see Toujou continuing to be a dirty girl.

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[Tonnosuke] The Chief is still a Masochistic Slave!


This is a short sequel to something I did quite awhile ago. It was nice to see these two characters return and to see that they were still up to their old antics.

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[Tonnosuke] The Lady Next Door ch.1


Had this on the back burner for a long time. This is a nice simple story about a man and his sweet looking neighbor. Just look at her, can this story contain anything more than love-filled, sickly sweet vanilla sex?

The other three chapters in this series as well as a follow up to another story by the same artist will follow in the future.

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[Tonnosuke] Chief Katase, the Masochistic Slave


This was a fun one. A guy goes drinking with his hard-nosed boss and soon discovers her secret masochistic side. Fun times ensue.